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Quality musical instruments, accessories and print music from brands you know and love. When I’m not teaching, I love trying out new restaurants, experimenting with new recipes (I have a terrible sweet tooth!), traveling, going to the beach, and spending time with my wonderful husband. He brought on Morgan Khan to a truly rapturous and appreciative crowd and it was not difficult to be swept along by the whole feeling of love that was emanating throughout the room.

Before going on the song, I should have had them read and perform patterns from the staff so that they could connect the reading notes on the staff skill” with the fingering the right notes” skill. Please follow One Love on social media during the festival for regular updates throught the day.

We also use music to solve problems, to look at our situation in a different light, to energise us or to relax us, and often to avoid or distract us – all well-known strategies for managing or regulating emotions. The international music community have been very supportive, new submissions come in everyday, the guest list for my one show The Indie Spotlight grows each day.

Perhaps this would explain why poetry is significantly less popular than music – we’re more comfortable with feeling things when words are set to music. In such an ecstatic state of mind, it is only but natural for him to compose songs, praising love and giving vent to his jubilation.

I think had he like Jung, had gone native in the unconscious, and tapped his anima, (look at his love letters) he’d had made a brilliant writer of fiction. It’s an interesting read and if you’re embarking on your first book about music or musicology, with little experience of making music (eg you don’t already play an instrument at advanced stage), then this book is not a bad place to start.love music