Want to be a dubber? Get to know your voice color to get the right role.

“The voice has a limited range, choose roles that can match your voice,” said Japanese animation voice maker Nami Okamoto at the Seiyu Workshop at the Japan Foundation in Jakarta on Friday.

Okamoto revealed the story of his friend whose voice was low-pitched. The friend auditioned for the voiceover, at that time, he deliberately used a voice that was higher than the range of his voice. For more information you can visit: https://www.voquent.com/klingon/

“It turns out he escaped, but because at the audition his voice was forced it was a hassle,” continued the woman who had been a dubber for 16 years.

Okamoto revealed that there is indeed a part of voice distribution that has a distinctive sound color with character. That excess may have the opposite effect.

“It could be that the role