• 20/08/2019

2021 Apps For The Best Music Streaming Service: The Pros and Cons

The most relaxing way to listen to music is by streaming it online. You get to enjoy the cool texture of music owing to the quality of sound compared to CDs.

If you’re concerned about sound quality and seeking to get the best from streaming services, do well to carefully study Collected Reviews from users worldwide, expressing their views with clear reviews about music apps.

The big question to crack now is ‘do you know which app gives you the best music streaming service?’ that wouldn’t be a problem anymore once you have gone through this article.

 Continue reading to find out what each streaming service features, along with the pros and cons.

Top 3 Apps For Best Music Streaming Service

This list of music streaming apps is in no definite order as they all produce stellar sound quality. For an exhaustive list, check out the 22 best music streaming services in 2021.


Spotify stands as the leading app in the sphere of music-streaming and is arguably the brightest in its league.

Spotify offers a wide range of music services; inclusive of the ‘Discover Weekly’ section. What makes Spotify widely accepted is its vast catalog, easy-to-navigate interface, and seamless device compatibility.

Spotify offers users a free tier which means you can stream music to different devices over Spotify Connect without paying.


  • Generous free version
  • Seamlessly connect to wireless devices via Spotify Connect
  • The playlist is easy to create and sync for listening offline
  • Access to follow artists and also get notifications about new music releases.


  • Ads can be frustrating in free service
  • Song limitation in the free tier

Apple Music

Side-by-side Spotify, we have Apple Music. One fascinating thing about this music streaming app is that it has a digital locker to enable you to safeguard songs in your library.

For people who own Apple devices, this music streaming app works perfectly. There’s a ton of curated song playlists but when compared to Spotify in terms of vast sharing options, Apple Music falls behind.


  • An adaptive algorithm that selectively suggests music based on what you listen to overtime
  • iTunes Match to combine your iTunes library with other music services for $25 annually. For free music streaming apps check out the 10 best free music streaming apps.


  • Experience on Android devices isn’t as smooth as iOS devices
  • Not compatible with primitive iPods


Tidal offers a vast range of music streaming services far beyond its name suggests. For music lovers who are seeking to get the best quality of sound, Tidal is the app to do justice to that.

Tidal boasts of lossless music streaming with high-quality sound – far better than compact disk (CD) music. Although Tidal boasts of over 60 million audio tracks but still may not have all you’re looking for. For instance, Metallica is a Spotify special.


  • Trusted audio quality
  • Includes video contents (concert live stream)
  • Ability to review your record and profile


  • The interface is not as simple as other music streaming apps
  • Limited catalog