A Look At Begginner Jazz Guitars

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Jazz music is making what can only be classed as a tiumphant return. Jazz is a style of music like no other and if you are looking at getting into jazz, you want to make sure that you have the right equipment. Thankfully, there are a very wide range of choices out there open to jazz players, today’s market is packed with lots of different options in drums, pianos and accoustic and electric guitars.

When looking for jazz guitars its often hard to find a well-rounded guitar, this is why its especially hard to find a guitar that is well suited for jazz music. It’s not uncommon these days for people to opt into buying a high quality custom electric guitar but for a high price. If your looking on the lower end of the buget, i’ve listed 3 guitars, that I think will work well in a Jazz environment.

Epiphone Broadway

First of all I would have to start with the Ephiphone Broadway, this is a more reasonable priced guitar that is loaded with resonance and distinctive jazz tone. The guitar has a maple body covered in laminate and a beautiful rosewood fretboard. This guitar is a great bang for your buck and a great choice for the lower end of the budget.

Squier By Fender Affinity Telecaster

The Telecaster is from the Squier by fender affinity range. This single coil pickup puts out some beautiful warm tones and has great versatility. This is a great choice for Jazz and Jazz fusion guitarists as the pickup selector allows for easy switching from a dampened sound allowing for a quick switch between rythm and lead.

Yamaha Pacifica Electric Guitar

This guitar could be the perfect guitar for those just dipping their toes into the world of Jazz. The guitar is able to produce a nice mid range blend with its two single coils and a bridge. Ideal for a beginner.

So that is just a small look into the huge selection of guitars on the market today that would be great for a jazz environment. If you sit down and do some research I’m sure you can find the perfect Jazz guitar.