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Business Analysis. Business Analysis can be referred to as a set of activities analyzing and rectifying the mistakes among projects in an organization. It is a three step process that begins with identifying needs in the organization, then coming up with appropriate solutions and later implementing the most suitable ones. The techniques of business analysis are always applied when a business wants to develop a good plan and putting it in action. Organizations face a lot of business risks, so in order to avoid project failures they mainly do business analysis. A business analyst therefore studies projects to identify risk and define new ways of avoiding the risk. Most of the times when projects fail, it is mainly because the organization did not consider the pros and cons before beginning it. Before investing in any project, it becomes paramount for an organization to first analyze it. However, it is worth to note that the term business analysis is a very broad process involving analysis of three different aspects of business as explained below: Organizational strategy-This aspect involves analyzing organizational profile and then implementing appropriate strategies.
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o Business Architecture – Analysis of actual operations in the business which includes evaluating objectives and the resources and processes currently in place to achieve them. Changes to the business architecture will be made based upon this analysis.
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Systems of the business-the information systems in the business are analyzed and the various changes required are defined. In order to advance ones career and reap benefits of reduced project costs and durations, it is vital for one to undergo a good business analysis training. However, in order to reap the benefits, the business analyst should first understand the project goal. The reasons behind project initiation provide vital insights towards understanding a project. Project objectives and strategies are mainly designed after understanding why the project was initiated. Very often the major decisions related to projects are taken by professionals who are not necessarily proficient in this field and hence are not capable of taking wise decisions. As a result, the projects fail. In order to avoid project failures, there is need for organizations to ensure that it is the right people who make these vital decisions. In fact, this is where the need to hire a business analyst comes in. Once the idea for a particular project is thought of it becomes the responsibility of the Business Analyst to see if the idea is feasible or not. It is the business analyst who therefore takes the other parties through the analysis process by going through operating manuals, business records and pertinent documents. Business Analysts are an important asset to every business, they apply their skills to take the big picture and break it into smaller parts, making it easier to ensure that company resources are being utilized in the most efficient manner thereby achieving the results.