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Complete Guide To Family Sharing

With Amazon Music Unlimited for Family, up to six family members can access Amazon Music Unlimited for only £14.99/month. I figured everything out other than the Sharing Music, I have it all connected iwth family members and have successfuly shared photos, but when I go on my ipad to Itunes, Purchases. There are a couple of different ways: sharing purchased content on iTunes, sharing playlists, and Home Sharing.

From there mention your home town and bring up a little family musical background. I’ve had a paid family domain (literally, it is my family name as the domain name) to provide email accounts for my family members for a very long time. Unfortunately not an error – you can’t create a family group with a Google for Work or Google for Education account.

Families are probably somewhat more likely than normal users to have Apps for Domains accounts; this plan would be a natural fit. I wonder when things have gone so hard against family sharing at so many levels. Special thanks to @thejumpstarters, Rene Ritchie, Reddit , and my phantom Family Sharing child for their help with this article.

It’s doesn’t seem right that because I pay for my e-mail account from Google I’m not eligible for a Family Plan. I’d pay you more money if I could, but it won’t let me sign up because I am on the grandfather’d in free G apps plan for my family. I remain subscribed to this thread to be notified if this ever changed but we are done with Google music for now.

Just think of the negotiations that had to happen for Apple to get this started (I’m guessing that Rdio lost money on their family plans). A new report claims that Google Play Music may end up playing catch up with the likes of Apple Music and Spotify by introducing a family plan.