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DJ Jedi Local Music Updates

Check Marty and Gary’s CD out and look for them at several Kansas City based bars and venues such as Tomfoolries on the Plaza, Canoe Club near Lake Lotawana, The K (Kaufman/Royals Stadium), Corner Cocktail in Waldo, Buzzard Beach to name a few. Lately, I have seen a lot of South African musicians collaborating with artists from Nigeria, Kenya, Zimbabwe and other African countries, which is a good thing for African music. Out of the local music scene come many of the world’s greatest musicians, and it also provides an important creative outlet both for the performer and the listener.

I will also attempt to put Google Maps on my webpage that has directions from Towson University to local clubs and venues in the Baltimore/Metropolitan area that host live music on a nightly basis. This is why culturally common material is fundamentally needed, and this is why I believe that copyright laws on music should be loosened and the boundaries of prosecution redefined.

Spanish language music Traditional and contemporary Spanish-language music, with genre descriptions, representative artists, CDs & audio samples. At the time, in a continent where the only music heard on the radio were imported top 40 hits, it was practically a lost cause to follow a dream in the music industry.

This is a circus of live local art, music, and dancing Daniel Delano, a local music fan, said on the way up the stairs. If you’re interested in royalty free music for your music on hold or venues, but are hesitant about the quality and believe popular music is the only way to engage customers you can relax.

Not only that, but they’ve been notices by local politicians and attended the State of the County Address and took photos with Judge Nelson Wolff! The music of local artists will reach many people now, and people will start shifting their focus from overseas music to local music.