• 12/02/2023

Los Angeles Music News, Concerts And Reviews

This blog has diverged at times from my original intent: of discussing the realities and theory of local music in College Station, but maybe that’s the nature of blogs in general. It takes a very cosmopolitan community to equally support such divergent endeavors as the Music Academy of the West which supports and molds classically talented youths, and the New Noise Music Conference & Festival that introduces and encourages up and coming popular music talents and has been deemed the West Coast’s answer to Austin’s south by southwest.

None the less, the energies flowed wonderfuly as I danced along with the music of a local band that is new to me called False Teeth The energy level was still high and full of exuberance when I finally had to leave in the middle of Botzy ‘s set in order to get ready for work.

Personally, I prefer maskandi – that means I have to wait until Saturday to hear maskandi music only on Ukhozi FM. They must play local music but mostly the traditional music; it won’t make any difference if they are going to continue to play these artists who sing like Americans.

I will have links, as directed, to my feature story on bands booking their first show, my audio story on the importance of social networking websites for local bands, my profile slideshow on Grant Menefee and his studio of drumming, two smaller articles, and a FAQ’s page.

Not only can one purchase tickets to live shows from Waterloo, but it’s also the only venue from which to purchase a wristband to the South By Southwest music festival held in Austin every March, causing nationwide frenzy for out-of-towners to make a friend in Austin quickly before the coveted passes are sold out.