• 02/11/2020

Love & Music

Pied Piper was broadcast on Radio 3 between 1971 and 1976 – a staggering 655 episodes in total, all presented by Munrow – and as part of their 70th anniversary celebrations they’re re-running five episodes this week during the interval of Radio 3 in Concert (they’re online too). Even in the feeling of being all alone, we love listening to sad songs that would make a great gift for a true lover to ring a bell in their memory that how much they miss and love the other. No sex, no shooting, just loads of food, friends and fabulous music (and Scarlet Johansen).

This song is inspired by the Bible verse found in Isaiah which talks about God’s love and promises. That’s what music should do. The song and the artist both inspire me endlessly. If you want to make your love stronger then you need to keep talking to each other, letting your partner in to your more vulnerable areas, if you do not know each other how can you help and support each other, where is the connection.love music

I think most of you would agree, however, that your wedding song is something that only two people who are in love should have any say about: and that is you and your fiance. I picked Oh, When the Saints Go Marching In because it uses the two new notes I wanted them to learn, high C and high D (and it’s a great song!).

Artists and fans now have an incredible way to connect with one another directly in Apple Music with Connect. The lyrics seem to speak of your beliefs, your interests, your conviction and, most of the time, your experience or situation. Love Music is proud to be the only New Zealand stockist of Hungry Robot effects pedals.

Grab a combo pass and enjoy the vibes of One Love and the energy of Chasing Summer! However a music video turned out to be, maybe the artists wanted to be creative and do something unexpected. The Early Music Consort’s The Art of Courtly Love won a Grammy in 1977 for best Chamber Music Performance, and Munrow also scored for TV and film – including, with Peter Maxwell Davis , Ken Russell’s The Devils (1971), starring Oliver Reed.love music