Make Love Stronger

There are countless small aspects that go into adding lots of love to a successful, memorable wedding, and one of the most important to many brides and grooms is undoubtedly the wedding song. This music transported me right out the mundane world around me and into another world that seemed to have its own logic and where the physical laws of this one are superceded. The various things that can be done with music still amazes me. Maybe in the future, someone will come up with other different things to do with music where it might be a success as music

Blood flow in the brain rises and falls to swells of music in areas associated with reward, emotion and arousal. When a soul relinquishes itself to the music on hand, it is simply a beautiful thing. Instead, you must pick wedding music that really defines your love up to that point, and a song that will set the tone for your new marriage.

But they were in the company of Paul McCartney, who with ‘Let Em In’ and ‘Silly Love Songs’ alone, battered the band senseless with their lesser works. We seem to know when to talk and when not to, therefore there is a lot more music being played. Grooveshark streamed music for nine years without paying a dime to creators, all the while depriving legitimate music services of the customers they needed to operate successful businesses that pay creators.

So they live their lives in intellect, perhaps mired in the manic defence, and they successfully wall off the painful. Far from what everyone knows about music in the Philippines, the country in fact has abundant musical talents that have established themselves in the international scene.

During the last years of his life, Cobain struggled with drug addiction and the media pressures surrounding him and his wife Courtney Love. When your music is known and people sing at the concert, it’s easier and any place is a good place. I really have a hard time working with my boys (be it in choir or general music classes) whose voices are beginning to change.