Music Then And Now

Our Music programme is one of the largest and liveliest in the UK, and focuses on music as an applied art, one that is engaged with the musical world in all its diversity and excitement. Hosted by seasoned radio personality Nik Carter, Author, Magazine editor and music expert Lori Majewski, Feedback is the perfect mix of great hosts and A-list guests talking about the latest music news, tours, releases, social trends, gossip, award shows and more.

Among these foci, the most important have been the mutual embeddedness of music and language in song (see Feld and Fox 1994); the inextricable association between music and emotional or affective dimensions of culture; and the nexus of music and ritual (also generally understood to include dance, poetic language, and other forms of the patterned communicative embodiment of social experience and ideology).

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The ten groups highlighted in Musical Institute of Technology include the Festival Jazz Ensemble; Concert Choir; Gamelan Galek Tika, (a traditional Balinese orchestra); Vocal Jazz Ensemble; Rambax (a Senegalese drumming ensemble); Chamber Music Society; Wind Ensemble; Chamber Chorus; and the MIT Symphony Orchestra.about music

Conversely, many sociomusical scholars have been concerned to show the high levels of artistry and individual expressive genius characteristic of folk” and popular” musics, increasingly with the aid of music theorists now attempting to describe the particular dimensions of complexity and aesthetic significance in popular” musics, which are often refractory to theoretical models designed to elucidate the structural complexity of (especially Western) art” musics.about music