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My Local Music

Scotty McMeans has signed on to write about local bands and local shows for the music segment of The Signal. This basement café exudes warmth through the scratchy sounds of records that play over small speakers and the cozy bohemian scene of art students, punks, and hipsters. Surround Sound is the third show in a series of that showcases Charlottesville musicians at Satellite Ballroom.

The lyrics flow over you and resonate deep within your mind and soul, carrying you on a journey to the places deep within yourself that only honest music can unlock. Fliers, Facebook events and word of mouth can go a long way towards getting your band’s name out there, and the more people that know about your band, the more people might show up!

A user made a point to go through the entire Arcade Fire page and Canadian Music page and add in the” in front of Arcade Fire” to ensure that people reading knew the band’s official name. Now 2Jeds is looking to bring a national interest to the local talent through local festivals and events that are meant for a national scene to take a hold of like Desert Rocks and Uncle Uncanny’s.

Aside from the University, there are places around Rexburg where you can fulfill your desire for music. Over the last year I have become very familiar with the local music scene of my small college town. Moving Parts is a local band out of the Twin Cities of Minnesota including musicians transplanted from the likes of Iowa, Indiana, and South Dakota to this city of independent artists looking for their big break in the Midwest.

Without this masterful soundtrack, many scenes would seem cheesy or uninteresting, but with the emotional power of music behind the scenes, this movie becomes an epic adventure that easily catches viewers’ emotions. We have produced a couple short promo videos for the local festivals as well as recorded a huge portion of the music that has been performed at the festivals.