Sheet Music, Strings, Bows, And More

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When it comes to things that you value the most you would want to protect them and make it last for a lifetime. Rhythm is the name of the game in most forms of music today, whether it be the constant pulse by your favorite band’s drummer, the continually repeating hip hop loops you love so much, or the sometimes strict tempos of classical music. Discover a choice of music stands for guitars, keyboards and microphones, as well as a great range of music books and music stands.

One especially innovative product features a wallet that has a built in place to store guitar picks, perfect for a man on the move with a tendency to misplace his guitar picks. The iPods even allow you to watch your favourite music videos, TV shows and even movies.

For a bright start to a wedding ceremony, wedding ceremony accessories to be used only by the flower girl are also available. Here at Normans we have a great range of generic accessories designed to be used with your instruments, from music stands and carry bags to tuners and guitar cables.

Inside this folder you could have for example: My Favorite Playlist (where you had songs from multiple albums, artists and genres organized in the folder) or one called Christmas Playlist (that contained Christmas music from various albums and artists) and additional folders for each type of playlist you wanted to have available.

Most of them sell the instruments directly or through dealers and music stores. Another advantage is that the lamp is not resting on the piano taking up room, which allows you to put other things on the piano such as metronomes, music books, and other items.