Should You Settle Your Car Accident Claim Or Go to Court?

After a car accident, victims often feel confused because they are unsure of whether they should settle with the insurance company or take the matter to court. While every car accident does not need the help of a car accident lawyer in Fresno CA, those who suffer serious injuries often benefit from the advice and guidance they are given by a lawyer. Because lawyers work on contingency, this allows injured victims to seek legal help without compromising their already strained finances.

There are some advantages to settling without court and they include:

  • Receiving compensation faster
  • Avoiding the cost of a lawyer
  • Avoiding the stress of a court case
  • Avoiding unexpected jury outcomes

Even if a person attempts to settle with the insurance company so they can avoid a trial, this does not mean they will not benefit from seeking help from a lawyer. Hiring a lawyer does not mean a person is forced to pursue a lawsuit. The vast majority of car accident claims end up being settled outside of court.

Lawyers will work to negotiate with the insurance company and take over every aspect of the process so their client can focus on recovery. If the insurance company refuses to offer a fair settlement, the lawyer will begin the process of filing a complaint in court.

There are advantages to pursuing a trial. Although an injured victim is at the mercy of the jury, a trial sometimes allows them to receive more in compensation than they would simply settling with the insurance company. Even when a trial is scheduled, a settlement can still occur, right up until the time the jury makes a decision. Sometimes, it takes a lawyer filing a complaint in court before the insurance company begins to act fairly.

If you have been seriously injured in a car accident that was the fault of another driver, the law is on your side. Contacting a lawyer will allow you to learn more about your options and the steps you should take to make sure you get fair compensation. Although the process takes time, a lawyer will work to ensure a fair outcome is achieved.