• 31/03/2020

On Nature, Music, And Meaning In Debussy’s Writing On JSTOR

Music and Nature are the indivisible part of every living one think of nature ,scenes of waterfall,mountains in the cloud & greenery rises in one’s eyes.Suddenly he get pleased with enchanting & eternal feeling of natureMusic plays same role in nature what nature plays in life of every living beingsWithout sound ,its meaningless to talk & think about nature they are closely related to each other. One cannot manifest a rasa if one cannot deeply feel that rasa in oneself; therefore one has to do a lot of (inter)personal work with issues of feeling and giving love, being courageous enough to be heroic, bold enough to be furious, light enough to laugh, alive enough feel disgust, sensible enough to fear, compassionate with oneself and others, young and free enough to wonder, accepting of oneself and the world enough to be tranquil, loving of one’s parents, and lastly devoted to God.…

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