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Several of his early and midcareer works won lengthy-lasting reception as nationwide core repertory, starting along with his 1940 Sabbath Cantata and culminating with the 1961 oratorio Midnight Vigil. His 1962–1963 orchestral fantasy Judith was certainly one of three of his ballets commissioned by Martha Graham.

Upon emigration from Berlin for a similar causes, Josef Tal composed utilitarian music (Gebrauchsmusik, impressed by Hindemith, his teacher) that he wrote for his Kibbutz. Tal grew to become the primary notable scion of the avant-garde and its leader in Israel when he established the primary electronic music studio at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in 1961. He carefully adopted Central European modern methods and strongly supported his college students in doing so, so as to help music composed regionally be thought-about worthy in the wider Western music world.

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