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Beneficial Features of Celigo iPaas Integration Platform for NetSuite

The integrator is going to enable you to get the real time and scheduled integration on import and export data to and from NetSuite. The Celigo Integrator actually are built to the NetSuite platform. The purpose and likewise the function of Celigo Integrator will help users to operate and maintain integrations between the other platforms and NetSuite.

There are different features that you could find from it, such as:

Dashboards – Monitors all the exports and imports from the easy-to-use dashboard. The tools would include informative graphs, direct error resolution links and the links to the integration and flows.
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Mapping – Loads the import file to the integrator in order to get a clean sample of data in a NetSuite form for easier mapping with import fields.
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Exports thousands of Records – Based with NetSuite’s Saved Search technology, the Celigo Integrator is going to allow you to actually choose your select saved searches for you to define automatically the rows and columns of CSV to FTP export even when your files are 5MB or larger.

Scheduled or Real Time Flows – Whether you really need to import data to NetSuite or export data from it, the Integrator will allow you to configure integrations in real time or on scheduled intervals of your choice. The integrator will give you different scheduling intervals.

Maintained Data Flow Feature – This will actually offer you different adaptors on all your integration needs. The integrator adaptor in fact supports protocols such as JSON and CSV, business applications and transports.

Manual Import – It will allow any manual CSV import or export to operate for free. An automated integration connection to the outside systems through an additional protocol is now available through premium flow upgrades to give maximum simplicity.

Easier Setup Integration – The setup can actually be done in an easy 5 step process through its self-installing components and also with its guided wizards. You can customize and fine-tune prebuilt data flows by modifying field mappings and to also configure settings to suit your business’s needs.

Fast Information Transfer – Once that the order is placed in Magento 2, the information will then be transferred immediately to NetSuite for its further processing. After the process of its fulfillment in NetSuite, the details with its tracking and shipping is going to be sent to Magento 2 in order to keep its customers informed regarding the status of its order real time.

Celigo will be able to give you a complete set of solutions for all of your integration needs with NetSuite. This in fact starts with Celigo, which actually is a modern kind of integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaas) that will allow users in implementing integration with NetSuite.

The Magento Connector will allow the retailers to combine the powerful Magento eCommerce platform with the proven back office feature of NetSuite