The Natural Man

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You feel so comfy that you can easily lie down and sleep. Some homes I actually have been in emit happiness and luxury. Some houses that I have entered inform a story of grief, sadness and despair. Your physique might even react to these negative energies.

If you keep on with the same strife, anger and keep on entertaining despair then you are inviting these identical spirits again. Know your enemy, after which you’ll know the way to battle him, through the use of the weapons of our warfare which God has given to us to make use of in His name. So whenever you see spirits in your home, it’s time to go into battle so placed on the entire armor of God, and stand quick to fight the enemy. As the Children of Israel drove out the enemy from the land God advised them to go and possess, we must drive out the enemy from our homes.

  • Once again, it’s curious that they need to ring a bell in my own background too.
  • I discover that if you analysis, there are numerous connecting threads.
  • Sinister, demonic, sublime, fearful, profound, uplifting, shifting – one musical work which suggests all these items to different people.
  • And so some deem it appropriate for a marriage, while others may accept it in the context of a funeral.
  • Then I pursued the idea of a “lone organist” – phrases which had sprung to my thoughts in connection with my character, which I felt wanted exploring.

If you are a born once more Christian, then you’ve the right to drive them from your house. Before you do it is imperative that you realize why they are there.

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