What You Should Understand about Shipping in Singapore

Those people who are in the export or import business know that they must follow certain rules and regulations regarding the shipping of merchandise. With all types of cargo moving throughout the world on a daily basis, there is bound to be error occurring that involves shipping disputes. Ship owners, ship builders, cargo owners and others run into unique situations with the international transport of merchandise. It is important that they have legal counsel to help them navigate through troubled situations. There are shipping lawyers in Singapore who can help their clients with such problems. Here are some of these laws that need to be understood.

Whenever there are maritime accidents, such as powerful typhoons and other storms that can cause damage to human safety and cargo damage, there will be multiple lawsuits filed. Those who are responsible must have excellent representation to help them get through the legal process of either being sued, or being the claimant in the lawsuit. The lawsuit that usually ensues is known as a freight claim. Freight claims are also known as shipping claims, damage claims or cargo claims.

Because freight claims have the potential to become lengthy and drag on, it will be to the defendant’s or the claimant’s advantage to hire an attorney who has plenty of experience in those types of cases. It is even better to get an attorney who has trial experience. Other things that a shipping lawyer can be an advantage for is in helping business owners with the legal process of financing their fleet. The shipping lawyer can help with the financing, the refinancing, the sales and the purchases involved with ships.

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