• 10/02/2022

Where Can You Buy Arabic Groceries in Los Angeles

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Do you want to know where to buy Arabic groceries in Los Angeles? Consider yourself lucky to be reading this page right now. Below are some of the best places where you can get your Arabic groceries if you are in Los Angeles.

Elat Market

Elat Market is an ethnic market where you can find a selection of ethnic specialties. You can get sangak and lavash from at least five local bakeries, different flavors and brands of yogurt, and tons of Persian pastries and sweets. You can also get baklava, halva, fruit tarts, sohan, borek, and others.

Encino Glatt Market

Encino Glatt Market is an interesting place in the valley where you can find everything you need at the lowest prices available without those large crowds of shoppers. Everything in the store is kosher and you can always choose from the selection of fresh fruits and produce.

Q Market and Produce

This is where you can go to buy offerings from both Kosher and Halal butchers under a single roof. It is an old-fashioned grocery store that stocks food and groceries from throughout the Middle East. It is the best place to buy meat, hummus, and other exotic items such as saffron ice cream, yogurt sodas, Syrian cheese, and even Kosher wine.

Sis Deli & Grocery

It is a local Armenian grocery that offers all kinds of Middle Eastern and European fare. The family is known for making the freshest and most delicious baked goods that are all sweet, savory, and affordable.

Super King Markets

You can find deals of great ethnic foods here, so you can be sure that you will get good value for everything you buy here. There are also nice selections of international foods. The store also carries all kinds of vegetables and hard-to-find greens.

Super Sal Market

The moment you step inside Super Sal Market, you will feel like you have been transported to Israel because of all the imported items you can find here. There is also a small produce department, Kosher meats, fish, and chicken, bakery goods, and probably the biggest selection of Israeli beer and wine in the Valley.

V&K Middle Eastern Market

The market had all the things you can ever ask for down to the Middle Eastern spices you need, including dried mint, lentil, cumin, sumac, and halabi beber. There is an extensive selection of fresh spices you can get at reasonable prices. This might be somewhat a hole in the wall but it still worthy to venture in and poke around.

It got almost all the spices you need. You can also find frozen soujouk and basturma, pomegranate paste, a selection of dried fruits, jellies, and jams, and also a decent variety of Middle Eastern, Armenian, and Greek cheeses.

The next time you need some Arab groceries, make sure you check out the stores and markets above to fill your cart with all the items and ingredients you are looking for.