3 Reasons to Hire the Services of an Employee Screening Firm

Whether your company is still the startup phase, you hire temporary workers for seasonal jobs or the work completed by your business is highly sensitive, an employee screening firm can streamline the process for you. Agencies that provide employment screening services can background check potential workers and employees as well as administer random drug tests and ensure your overall profile criteria is met, every time.

Here are three reasons why hiring the services of an employee screening agency makes sense.

Save Time

Even when your human resources department is up to the task of screening a number of applicants for seasonal work, your staff’s focus can be maximized in other ways. Not every applicant who applies for a job opening is going to be qualified. When your in-house staff has to sift through possibly hundreds of applications, it takes their attention away from your current employees. An employee screening agency’s only focus is deliver the profiles of candidates who applied for work. Their process is already streamlined so they can successfully meet deadlines and maximize their output.

Save Money

Your HR department handles an array of duties that stretch beyond the screening and onboarding of new employees. Every minute they work adds to your overhead costs because you are paying them a salary, benefits and bonuses. When you outsource the screening of potential workers to a firm, you incur a flat fee. How that fee is structured depends on how you negotiated your contract, but there are no additional costs, afterward. Outsourcing the screening portion of the hiring process, therefore, saves you money.

Potential for Partnership

If your company consistently hires seasonal workers or experiences above average turnover rates, working with an employee screening firm could lead to a valuable partnership. As partners, the firm is more likely to be able to screen last minute candidates or push a profile faster than normal expected times.

For some companies, working with an employment screening services firm leads to several benefits that save time, save money and form a valuable partnership.