4 Benefits of Using Reclaimed Cloth Wiping Rags

Industrial wiping cloths can be used in many different types of businesses that need to keep rags handy to clean products, surfaces, tools, equipment, or anything that can become soiled by spills, dust, dirt, or fluids. Reclaimed material industrial wiping rags brings you all the quality of top rags at a fraction of the price.

High-Quality Reclaimed Material Wiping Rags

If you depend on having a supply of high-quality rags at your disposal for cleaning up shop messes, wipe down parts, clean surfaces, and more, you’ll enjoy the thick absorbancy of reclaimed material wiping rags. You can toss them into the laundry and reuse over and over.

Tough and Durable Construction for Industrial, Commercial, and Janitorial Use

Don’t mistake reclaimed cloth for a weak product. It’s tough and will stand up to the punishment of use in industrial settings, commercial properties, and all manners of janitorial duty. It’ll clean up spills and remove dirt on everything from bathroom counters to concrete floors.

Reduce Amount of Clothes Heading to Landfills

The ability to lessen the impact on landfills is a positive benefit for the environment. The threads that are pulled from clothing that is on the way to the dumps is given a chance to live a whole new life. It is skillfully milled into the reclaimed cloth rags.

Reduce the Cost of Making Rags Out of New Fabrics

Creating new rags with all brand new materials is more costly than using reclaimed fibers. It reduces the cost of materials and production. The savings can then be shared in a lower price for customers that want quality wiping rags for a decent price.

You can stock up on some of the most reliable industrial wiping rags at some of the best prices available by choosing reclaimed fiber construction. Long-lasting wiping rags are a benefit for any business that needs to have them handy in large numbers.