The SAMMYS Syracuse Area Music Awards

It’s called Lexi-Fest, a series of concert events begun in 2015 that have been designed to showcase as much of the stylistic range of the Lexington music community that can be squeezed into one bill in one day. However, if you’re a dedicated celebrity-spotter and you love awards ceremonies, there’s more in store for you as the year ploughs ahead. The MTV Video Music Award 2017 for Best Rock Video was first given out in 1989, and it was one of the four original genre categories added to the VMAs that year.

The Billboard music Awards held last night and Canadian singer, Drake emerged the top winner of the night. In December 2015 the shortlist was prepared and the final winners announced in January 2016. The Prestige Music Award is currently accepting entries into the 2016 award contest.

The entertainment industry veteran was given the Icon Award at today’s Billboard Music Awards in Las Vegas, and entertained the masses with faithful renditions of two of her biggest hits: The 1998 smash Believe, and 1989’s If I Could Turn Back Time. The awards are based on the reporting period of March 18, 2016 through March 16, 2017.

Drake had a huge night, Céline performed her biggest hit and there was a moment of silence for a grunge god at Sunday’s Billboard Music Awards. The Canadian rapper walked away Sunday with 13 awards — including top artist, top male artist, top rap artist and top Billboard 200 album for Views” — beating Adele’s 12 to set a new record for the most wins in a single Billboard award

When it comes to R&B, the music has moved from the good old positive and empowering music to provocative and sometimes offensive music. The pop singer revealed her inspiration for music is from most famous rockers including ‘Queen’ and ‘David Bowie’ and also Pop stars including Kylie Minogue, Madonna and Michael Jackson.